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Raw Indian Bundles

Raw Indian Bundles

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Raw Indian Straight hair is highly durable, voluminous, and full-bodied. Its soft texture makes it easy to maintain, and it holds curls exceptionally well even in humid weather. This hair comes in a natural dark brown color and is best handled by a licensed color specialist when altering its natural color.

Key Features:

  • Straight with a blunt cut at the bottom
  • Medium-low luster
  • Perfect texture for both natural or relaxed hair
  • 100% raw
  • Hair cut directly from a single donor
  • NO synthetic fibers
  • Thick from root to tip
  • Reverts back to a natural state after washing
  • Longevity: 3-5 years with proper care
  • Hair can be colored
  • Natural 1B shade varies from darker to lighter tones
  • Fast shipping

Bundle Details:

  • Bundle Weight: 3.0-3.5 ounces per bundle
  • A complete install requires at least 2 bundles; for lengths of 22 inches and longer, we highly recommend 3 bundles.
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